Welcome to the world of MAtARi

'MATARI is an abbreviation of the word 'μαργαριτάρι | Margaritari' in Greek, meaning 'pearl'

At the heart of MATARI is Greek mythology; taking inspiration from its stories of scandal, mischief, passion, betrayal, adventure and triumph

The first chapter

Imogen founded MATARI in the Summer of 2023. With a lifelong fascination with storytelling, starting with spending her childhood buried in books, to studying French and Spanish at Oxford University, and eventually leading her into the film industry. Stories have always been a big part of her life.
MATARI was founded with the goal of telling a story; creating pieces that reflect the different characters we inhabit through the clothing and jewellery we wear. MATARI takes inspiration from Greek Mythology, one of the earliest forms of storytelling, and reimagines it in modern day society, bringing its chaos and excitement to life. Pearls are used in MATARI designs to evoke the timeless and ethereal qualities of mythology.
MATARI's first collection - 'The Theos Collection' - imagines the answer to: if the Gods existed in modern society, who would they be?
Ultimately, MATARI aims to celebrate the joy and fun of discovering and expressing your personal style, recognising that it can evolve and change without definitions.

' I want everyone to feel like the main character wearing these. I wanted to take something as classic as a pearl necklace and reinvigorate it. My aim is to create jewellery that feels totally unique; chunky, bright and bold or delicate and intricate, depending on your mood that day. What you wear can completely inform your confidence. '

- Imogen

style &


MATARI aims to create limited edition collections that will explore a new range of figures, icons and stories with each release. These Gods, creatures and otherwise will be imagined in the modern day; bringing ancient storytelling hurtling into the present. With a sense of humour.
Stay tuned. . .
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' I want to bring a sense of humour, fun and intrigue to MATARI, including people that wear the jewellery rather than keeping a line between vendor and customer. '

- Imogen